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Adelina, known as Adel on Lorien, was the Cêpan, of Number Seven. She was the last Cêpan of the Nine Garde Children, to die.  


Adelina had the appearance of the average middle-aged human woman, indicating that she was aging differently than most Loric, presumably due to stress. Adelina had auburn hair, with gray streaks. Marina points out, "There are wrinkles at her eyes and mouth. She's forty-two but looks ten years older."


Unlike the other Cêpans, Adelina had lost her faith in Lorien. This was due to being turned away by almost every human when Adelina and her Garde were in need. When she finally found the convent Santa Teresa in Spain, Adelina vowed to the word of God. She began to think of the Elders as stories and ignored Marina's developing Legacies. Eventually, she began to ignore Lorien altogether. However, in the end, Adelina fought the Mogadorians without mercy, knowing she could never truly remedy the way she treated Marina.