Annie Hart is an agent from Paradise Realty and mother of the late Sarah Hart. She is a minor character in The Lorien Legacies series and is the first person to meet John and Henri Smith in I Am Number Four. She is portrayed by Judith Hoag in the film adaptation.

Appearance & Character Edit

Annie is in her late forties, early fifties, with blond hair like Sarah. According to John, "she's very warm, friendly, and clearly loves to chat." In The Power of Six, Sarah said that her parents were both worried for their daughter's safety, and refused to let Sarah make contact with John no matter what.

Appearances Edit

I Am Number Four Edit

Annie meets John and Henri and sells them the house. She tells John to look for her daughter Sarah at Paradise High School. On Thanksgiving, Annie invited most of her family back to the Paradise.

The Power of Six Edit

While Annie is not present in this novel, Sarah mentions how Annie forbade her daughter to make contact with John.

United as One Edit

A year after Victory