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Augmentations are the Mogs version of Legacies and can be granted to trueborn by Setrakus Ra using the black sludge he created using the Loric  energy of Human Garde, they provide the wielder with a physical or mental change that is always geared towards combat as far as has been seen. The ability to Augment trueborn Mogs presumably died with Setrakus Ra, and the last known augmented Mog(Phiri Dun-Ra) was killed by Adam and Dust in United as One. The Augmentations were controversial among Mogs and some of them thought they were "abominations", because the augmented Mogs were often horrifically physically modified, turning into monsters or spewing out acid like a fountain.

Augmented Mogs[]

Phiri Dun-Ra

Thin Mog


Shadow Mog