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A Cêpan is one of the two kinds of citizens on Lorien, a subspecies from the primary Loric species. A Cêpan does not have any Legacies, but is highly intelligent and, like all Loric, has physical enhancements that prove their superiority to the human species.

During their teenage years, Cêpan take an aptitude test. Some Cêpan are chosen to go to train at the academy to become a Mentor Cêpan, who teach the Garde as children how to control their Legacies. Other Cêpan run the planet while the Garde defend it. Every Garde on Lorien is assigned a Cêpan at a young age to train them up into adulthood. As of this point in the story, Lexa is the only surviving Cêpan.

Cêpans possess Enhanced Intelligence to the point their considered smarter than humans.

The Mentor Cêpan[]