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This page contains all major characters that personally appear in The Fall of Five.

Plot Summary[]

Four, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ella, and Sarah are in Nine`s penthouse. Ella is having nightmares sent to her by Setrákus Ra. Six, Four, and Sarah go to meet Number Five. They find him as well as Sam and Malcolm Goode. They return to the penthouse. Five seems useless. Nine bullies him. Ella goes to sleep and is unable to wake up after a nightmare. Four is transported into the nightmare with her. Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, and Five go to Florida to retrieve Five`s Chest, against Seven`s better judgement. It is discovered that Five has betrayed the Loric and Five disables Nine and Six. Nine goads Five. Five tries to kill Nine, but Eight teleports and is killed instead. Marina is of course extremely upset and develops Cyrokinesis, taking out one of Five`s eyes. Four wakes up. Ella is kidnapped. Sarah, Four, Sam, Malcolm, and Adam escape.

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