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Crayton was the unofficial Cêpan, of Ella. In The Power of Six, and The Rise of Nine, he travels with the Garde, helping them unite, until his death inside the Oracle's Cavern.


Crayton is described as having a strong chin, muscular build, bushy eyebrows dark hair and eyes and a moustache. Marina had mistaken him for a Mogadorian, when she had seen him around town, until he revealed his true Loric identity.


Crayton is described by Number Six to have a short temper and gets angry often, but also as a very dedicated and knowledgeable Cepan.

I Am Number Four[]

Crayton is not specifically in this book, except in the dreams Number Four has of a second ship leaving Lorien.

The Power of Six[]

Crayton is first seen watching Ella and Marina outside an orphanage in Spain. Marina believes he is a Mogadorian, and tries to avoid him as she sees him around town until he reveals himself as Loric and helps Marina escape the Mogs.

The Rise of Nine[]

Crayton is with Six, Marina, and Ella as they board a plane to India, where Crayton strongly believes a Garde exists with Pittacus Lore's powers.


Crayton was killed when a Mogadorian blast caught him in a Loric Base in India while he was trying to find Eight's and Marina's Chests during a Mogadorian invasion.