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Duanphen is a teenage girl from Bangkok, who is currently allied with Einar and his group of Human Garde. Before she was affiliated with him, she was working as a security guard for the foundation, after she was rescued by them from the Thai mob. She has so far only appeared in Fugitive Six.

Appearance & Character[]

Duanphen is 17, a little over six feet tall, longs arms and legs, and the old injuries that come with street fighting including a crooked nose. Duanphen was a Muay Thai fighter on the streets of Bangkok until the organization she worked for realized she was cheating using her Legacies. They threatened to kill her, if she didn't pay a large sum of money. The Foundation paid her debts and hired her as a bodyguard for a rich executive who auctions off other Garde the Foundation have in their employ. Her martial arts training, combat experience, and impressive offensive legacy make her a powerful fighter.


  • Telekinesis - Like all human Garde, Duanphen can move and manipulate objects with her mind
  • Epidermal Elecrification - Duanphen is the only known wielder of this legacy, which gives it's user the ability to electrically charge the outer layer of their skin and transfer that energy on contact, it is unknown if this legacy provides immunity to the electric collars of the inhibitor guns used against those with legacies.