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Einar is a Human Garde, working for the Foundation and serves as the primary antagonist in Generation One.

Appearance & Character[]

Einar Magnusson is an eighteen-year-old, "young, pale-skinned boy." When Taylor Cook is captured by him in Iceland, she describes him as having "soft features, only slightly offset by his sternly slicked-over brown hair."

Einar is rather stern and proper, hating anything that is dirty or uncomfortable. Ironically, he pays little heed to inflicting pain and fear on others, using his Legacy in a sadistic fashion to emotionally torture or kill. While he is strong enough to fight for himself, he typically has others do it for him.


Telekinesis- Like all Garde, Einar can move and manipulate objects with his mind. However, he uses this ability directly on opponents. Instead of throwing objects with telekinesis, Einar believes, "the Loric had an instinct bred into them, not to use their telekinesis on each other directly," but he has been trained "a different way."

Sensior- The ability to control the emotions of others and uses it to influence decisions.