The Lorien Legacies Wiki
  1.  Ella, or Number Ten, is the youngest of the 6 remaining Garde and supposedly, the weakest. She is discovered by Marina, or Number Seven when the Mogadorians invade the orphanage in Santa Teresa, Spain. Marina thought she was a normal human being for weeks, until she reveals her blue, Loric Pendant during the attack. She explains how there was a second ship, which makes her Number Ten. She is recognized as a member of the Garde in Book 2, The Power of Six.
  2. Legacies 
  3. Aeternus-Has the ability to change appaerence of age. Usually she is in her 6-year-old form, but she is truly 11.
  4. Telepathy-Ability to communicate to someone through their mind. She developes this Legacy in the Rise of Nine, Book 3, when Six is dying in the desert of New Mexico.
  5. Precognition-Able to foresee things through dreams. She developes this Legacy in Book 4, the Fall of Five, when she sees Setrakus in her visions just days after Crayton dies. She talks to John, and discovers that she developed this legacy.