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"'This is about the survival of our race, which was almost entirely obliterated, and about keeping you alive. Every time one of us dies—every time one of you, the Garde, dies—our chances diminish.'" -Henri, I Am Number Four (Book)

Garde are certain citizens from Lorien in possession of Legacies, abilities they were supposed to use to defend Lorien. At the age of 11, every Garde is designated a Cêpan, a parent-like figure who acts like a guardian towards them. They were trained by Cêpan to fight, because of the prophecy of the end of Lorien. Nine of the most powerful Garde, known as Elders, were in control of the planet. The Garde were gifted with Legacies by the spirit of Lorien, which is otherwise known as by "the Entity" and "Legacy". All Loric Garde have a variety of Legacies as well as enhanced speed, strength, senses, reflexes, and durability.

After the Mogadorian invasion of Lorien, Nine Garde Children were sent to Earth with their Cepan. All of the Elders are presumed dead. The Garde were hunted down by the Mogadorians about a decade after they reached Earth. Now there are only six (known) Loric Garde remaining.

Numbers One through Nine were in possession of Inheritances stored away in charmed Loric Chests.

Loric are no longer the only Garde. A Mogadorian named Adamus Sutekh was gifted with Legacies by Number One. And now, humans are gaining Legacies since Legacy spread through Earth, including Sam GoodeDaniela Morales, and hundreds of other Human Garde.

Known Legacies[]

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Known Garde[]

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Items in Inheritances[]

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