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"'We met the Loric when they landed, helped them to get on their feet and on the run. Those nine children, all of them so frightened. And yet, that ship landing, it was one of the most amazing things I'd ever seen.'" -Malcolm Goode, The Fall of Five

The Greeters were a group of humans whom were to greet the Loric at their arrival to Earth, after the Mogadorian invasion on Lorien. They were chosen by Malcolm Goode to help the Garde settle in on Earth. Malcolm is the last living Greeter.


When the Loric were last on Earth, fifteen years ago, Malcolm was approached by Elder Pittacus Lore, and told to form a group of people who shared his belief in extraterrestrial life. When he formed the Greeters, each of them were given a transmission device that would only activate when the ship entered Earth's atmosphere.

One recruit named Ethan was meant to be a Greeter, but had apparently been working with the Mogadorians, providing them with information so he would remain unharmed when they finally conquered Earth. The Greeters waited until the ship finally landed, and rendezvoused with the Nine Garde Children and their Cêpans. Each Cêpan was given two pairs of clothes and a packet with instructions and an address to start off. Each address was secret.

The Greeters continued to help the Loric, but were eventually discovered by the Mogadorians. Unlike the Loric, the Greeters had families and could not disappear as easily. The Mogs found their families and captured the Greeters, taking them to a laboratory and doing experimental tests on their brains to steal memories and gain information on the Loric. None of the Greeters survived the procedures, except for Malcolm Goode.