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Brandon, referred to on Earth as Henri, was a Loric Cêpan and the Keeper of Number Four. He was married for twenty years until the Mogadorian invasion of Lorien. He died in Paradise, Ohio, protecting his Garde.


Henri is described in the Power of Six as having a soothing and calm way of talking.


Lorian Legacies[]

I am Number Four[]


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Number Four[]

Henri was a good Cepan and trained John the second he got his first legacy. He was like a father to John, and he was very skilled on the run. The only thing he could have done was put the counterfeit-making stuff in a better hiding spot. Number Four learned a lot from his Cêpan and they shared a close father-son relationship. John received a letter from Henri which he read after his death in I am Number Four.


  • In the book, Henri dies at the end of The Battle of Paradise High School; in the film, he dies just after John and Sam rescue him from Athens.


  • There is always hope. - Henri‘s Letter (Power Of Six)