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Humans, scientifically known as homo-sapiens, are the sentient species of Earth. They have existed for the past 200,000 years. Due to convergent evolution and interaction with Lorien's inhabitants, the Loric, Humans have a similar physical appearance as both the Loric and the Trueborn Mogadorians.

When the humans were discovered by the Loric, they were a nomadic people, living in caves, on open plains, riverbanks, and other various locations. With the help of the Loric, they managed to expand from Africa and Eurasia, leaving in boats to travel the rest of the world.

Through interbreeding, Humans and Loric birthed very remarkable people. In ancient times they became known as the Greek Gods, and in the more recent years they included Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, Alexander the Great, and many others. It is possible these half-bred humans are what inspired the indigo children.

Without interaction from the Loric, humanity has been left to its own fate. During this time, the population has increased to several billion, and greenhouse gases from pollutants has caused global warming. Humans are a warlike species, reacting very hostile toward one another and creating devices that could decimate the population.

Despite this species' hostility, they are incredibly fragile. The average life expectancy of a human is almost 82 years, however some are known to have lived to about 122 years. They are not necessarily as strong the the Loric people, or the Mogadorians, and are less advanced in technologies.

While forgetful of other civilizations, the humans are greatly affected by the awakening of Loric energy. With the Phoenix Stones and Loralite being triggered by the Garde, humans themselves have had genes released within them, causing their own Legacies to conjure up, forming the Human Garde from the species' youth.