Human Garde, also informally known as LANEs (Legacy-Augmented/Afflicted Native Earthlings) are human teenagers from all over the world who possess Legacies which are used to defend Earth. Human Garde were gifted with Legacies after the Spirit of Lorien, also known as "The Entity," by Number Six, or "Legacy," by Ella, after it was reawakened on Earth. Most Human Garde only have developed Telekinesis while few others have developed more Legacies. Some did not even realize they had Legacies until told by Number Four, and even more did not develop them until months later. Human Garde were not originally Garde, but were given Legacies to defend Earth alongside the Loric.

Known Human Garde Edit

Sam Goode

Daniela Morales

Nigel Barnaby

Fleur (Deceased)

Bertrand (Deceased)

Kopano Okeke

Taylor Cook

Isabela Silva

Ran Takeda

Caleb Crane


Lofton St. Croix


Vincent Iabruzzi

Maiken Megalos

Melanie Jackson

Nicolas Lambert

Omar Azoulay

Jiao Lin



Dwan Fen