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The Human Garde Academy (HGA) is a facility, where Human Garde go to school to hone their Legacies, as well as receive a world-class normal education. It was constructed in Point Reyes, fifty miles outside of San Francisco.


The academy has 2 large dormitories, allowing it to house 1000 students total. although it apparently only has a moderate amount more than 150 students. The HGA also has a cul-de-sac of town houses for the staff members, a school building with state of the art equipment and laboratories for testing legacies. It also boasts a military-designed training facility, a rec center, a student center, and round-the-clock security, as well as an electric razor-wire fence.


The administrative staff in the HGA are separated into three different categories: training, teaching, and security. The training division of the academy is in charge of teaching the Human Garde how to control and hone their legacies, as well as how to use them to fight. Professor Nine is the only faculty member, that teaches the Human Garde how to use their legacies and fight with them. The teaching section of the staff teach the students normal subjects, including science, math, and languages. According to several students at the HGA all the teachers are academically impressive, many with multiple PHDs. Malcolm Goode is a member of the teaching staff at the academy and teaches the LANEs science. Colonel Ray Archibald is in command of the security forces at the academy. Security's main role is ensuring that no outsiders enter the academy, and that no Human Garde leave without authorization they would also assist the Human Garde and Nine in defending the academy if it was attacked.