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Isabela Silva is a Human Garde from Brazil, and a narrator in Generation One.

Appearance & Character[]

Isabela has light brown skin and curly raven hair with a slender frame. However, she uses her Legacy of Morfen to alter her facade, due to her injuries sustained in a warehouse fire during a party. When not using her Legacy—particularly at night—Isabela's face and neck are covered in dark red scars.

Isabela is very stubborn and selfish. She is more concerned with vanity than the wellbeing of others. Despite having a Legacy that aided her, Isabela pays little heed to the Loric or Earth Garde. Deep down, she simply fears becoming "an object of pity, undesirable, disgusting" even though her friends at the Academy who know her secret have already stated they accept her for who she really is. At the end of Generation One, Isabela becomes more understanding, and even begins to take studying seriously after months of being a rule breaker.


  • Telekinesis- Like all Garde, Isabela can move and manipulate objects with her mind.
  • Morfen- Isabela has a rare Legacy that allows her to transform her appearance. Because of her accident, Isabela apparently only uses the power to change into other people rather than animals.