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Janus was the pilot of the LDC Terrax-Class Cruiser that carried the Nine Garde Children to Earth. He survived in Upstate New York, presumably in the Adirondacks, before getting captured, defiled, tortured and electrocuted by the Mogadorians.

Appearance & Character[]

Janus had "green eyes. His red hair—the same as his sister's" and he was presumably a Cêpan. The pilot of the other ship that escaped, Lexa, saw him tortured and defiled before he was executed by electrocution.

Janus cared for his family and warned his sister Zophie about the invasion because he believed she would perish. He also had much faith in the plan the Elders had in store. Even after facing atrocities inflicted by the Mogs and near death, he believed that what he did was right, and trusted that the Garde would "wield the powers" of the Elders and destroy every last Mogadorian.