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Katarina was the Cêpan of Number Six. She was the sixth Cêpan to arrive at the airship to depart Lorien, and was the fifth Cêpan to die on Earth.


Katarina was wise and strong. She was also cautious, and maybe a little paranoid. Six said that Kat would get worked up very easily. She would sometimes have a reverse reaction in situations of high stress, described by Six, "she laughs when she should be stern, gets serious when she should laugh." Kat would speak carelessly when she was intending to be caring, and was incredibly sensitive. Back on Lorien, Kat was married, and apparently was involved in multiple relationships prior, something uncommon among the Loric.

Kat enjoyed playing games with Six, be it board games or war games. One of her favorites was Shadow, a strategy game that would allow for Kat and Six to keep training even without physical movements. Kat was strong-willed and did whatever it took to keep Six safe. She loved her like a daughter, and had tried to make her as prepared as she could be to fight the Mogadorians.

Captivity & Death[]

After a close encounter with a Mog in Texas, Kat drives them to upstate New York, a location already home to a Mogadorian presence, unbeknownst to her. They stay there for one day, with Kat booking them flights to Australia as Six played soccer. While her Garde is gone, the Mogs infiltrate their motel and capture Kat, later apprehending Six. Later, once inside a Mog base in West Virginia, Kat warns Six about the horrors that they would have to endure together, and tells Six to stay strong.

Over the first week, the Mogadorians start by torturing Kat for information, but she does not break. They bring Six in, and make her watch as they cut her Cêpan's arms. When the interrogator brings out a Mogadorian dagger, Kat displays some defiance, spitting blood at the Mog and taunting him for how long it took him to figure out how to get Six to talk. When the Mog strikes Katarina, Six begins to tell him unviable information, which makes the Cêpan proud, especially when Six gives the Mog the wrong Number, claiming she is Number Eight. But the Mog calls Six weak for telling him everything, and kills Katarina anyway.