Kopano Okeke
Kopano Okeke
Basic Information
Gender Male
Race Human Garde
Age 16
Status Alive
Location Human Garde Academy

Kopano Okeke is a Human Garde from Lagos, Nigeria, and one of the most determined Garde training at the Human Garde Academy. He is the first main narrator introduced in Generation One. He is noted to be one of the strongest Garde at the Academy, barely competed by Nicolas Lambert.

Appearance & Character Edit

Kopano is a young man who resembles his father in stature, but is larger and well-muscled. Fellow Human Garde Taylor Cook describes him as "black, built like a linebacker, handsome, with wide eyes that made him seem perpetually curious." He is almost always seen with a jovial grin on his face.

He is a very kindhearted boy and believes that the Garde have a purpose for them. Kopano has the idea that his destiny has been written by the Loric and the Legacies he has been given. However, after being emotionally manipulated by Einar, he starts to see the ugliness of the real world and doubt whether they should have Legacies, seeing all the terrible things that happen to the Human Garde. This does not lower his love or protective attitude toward his friends. When they arrive at Einar's home, he does everything in his power to find Taylor and save Nigel Barnaby from unwillingly committing suicide. Kopano and Taylor are confirmed as a couple as of The Fugitive Six.

Legacies Edit

  • Telekinesis- Like all Garde, Kopano has the Legacy to move objects with his mind. However, he developed his telekinesis three months after the war.
  • Pondus- This Legacy allows Kopano to alter his molecular density, in which he can contract or expand his cells on a subatomic level. He can also extend this to another person as long as he is touching them.