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Liren was the husband of Lara, and father of Number Four.

There is a very low amount of information on him. He, along with Lara, were very good friends with Six's parents, Lyn and Arun, and Four's Cêpan, Brandon (to be later known as Henri). Four sees his father in one of his visions before the Mogadorian invasion. His father would levitate him around the garden while Four was playing with Hadley (to be later known as Bernie Kosar).

He was killed in attempt to save Lorien, by fighting against the Mogadorians, during the invasion.

Known Legacies[]

  • Enhancement - All Garde possess enhanced strength, speed, senses, reflexes, and endurance.
  • Telekinesis - Like all Garde, Liren could move objects with his mind.
  • Elemental Manipulation - The ability to manipulate the four basic elements: fire, earth, air and water. Number Four saw his father use this by creating a storm in one of his visions.