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Lofton St. Croix is a Human Garde from Canada, and is soon to deploy into an Earth Garde Peacekeeping unit.

Appearance & Character[]

Lofton first appears at the Human Garde Academy. Taylor Cook says he "appeared to be almost eighteen, tanned with fried-looking dreadlocks and a lean surfer body."

Lofton is very relaxed, but not very intelligent. He is also rebellious, as he used to sneak out of the HGA with his now-ex-girlfriend Isabela Silva, who broke up with him because he refused to put her on a war game team (albeit she was intending to leave him anyway). He displays some leadership qualities in the war games between the Human Garde and the Human Peacekeepers, despite his plans failing a seed an actual strategy.


  • Telekinesis- Like all Garde and LANEs, Lofton can move and manipulate objects with his mind.
  • Needle Projection- "His skin projected razor-sharp quills at will," which can be used as projectiles.