"Running through every layer of the Earth, intertwined with the core itself, are glowing veins of Loralite. The energy is thin in some places, stronger in others, but there's nowhere on the planet that isn't close to its gentle glow." -Ella, The Fate of Ten

Loralite is the most powerful gemstone on Lorien, found only at its core. It was thought to only be present on Lorien and in select places on Earth, but is presumably present on all planets in the universe, excluding Mogadore.



Ancient Stone Locations

  • The Oracle's Cavern - This is the central stone found in a hollowed out mountain in the Himalayas.
  • The Beacon - The largest Loralite stone on Earth, found at the bottom of the Gulf of Aden.
  • The Tomb - A Loralite stone located in Stonehenge, a Loric crypt.
  • The Port - Loralite that has been buried underneath the desert of New Mexico.
  • The Link - Loralite on Easter Island.
  • The Reach - Loralite that is located at or near the Nazca Lines in Peru.

Known New Stone Locations

  • Niagara Falls
  • Lion's Head
  • Sahara Desert
  • Mount Zao
  • Portugal
  • Australian Outback
  • Zuma Rock
  • Pikes Peak


  • The energy in the Legacy of Energy Blasts is described in The Fallen Legacies to also be a cobalt color, meaning that the Legacy and Loralite could have a connection.
    • However, from new information given in Generation One, the Garde may have been using a Legacy to create Loralite, somehow weaponizing it with more skill than Rabiya.
  • While the original six stones seem to be large boulders placed deliberately in certain locations, the new ones, apparently numbering at "fifty-odd," appear to have erected from the ground as outcroppings of the mineral.
  • Loralite can also come in a liquid form, as seen with Number Seven's vial of liquid Loralite in her Loric Chest.
  • Loralite's full properties are not entirely known, but a large enough piece of Loralite can be used as a waypoint by Garde with the Legacy of Teleportation to travel to different places on the same planet randomly or by picturing the desired location.
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