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The Loric, also known as simply Loriens on occasion, are a species of humanoids once native to the planet Lorien. They were divided into two subspecies known as the Cêpan—Loric who were the bureaucratic rulers of the planet—and the Garde—Loric with special abilities known as Legacies that help them defend the planet. Before the Mogadorian invasion, their population possibly numbered five million. Following the events of United as One, it is presumed that only seven Loric are what is left of the species.

Anatomy & Traits[]

Many of the Loric throughout the books are described as very tan, with several of them depicted as brown- or dark-skinned. This is possibly due to the fact that the ultraviolet radiation emitted from their much larger sun is much more intense than ours, raising the concentration of melanin. Despite this, Loric will occasionally have light brown or blond hair. They have red blood that may be the result of a utilized compound either similar or identical to hemoglobin. The Loric have a lifespan of around two hundred years, possibly due to a healthier environment and highly utilized organs. Because of the Legacies Submari, Lumen, and Avex, it is possible that the lungs of the average Garde are larger and stronger. This may also be due to the higher percentage of oxygen on Lorien.

The central nervous system is far more powerful than that of a human, and the brain has a higher intake of information. Loric apparently mature faster than the average human, but will still age slower; a fifty year-old Loric will not look like a fifty year-old human unless they are sickly, unhealthy, or undergoing stress, as seen in Cêpans Hessu and Rey. In Garde, it is possible that whatever metabolizes and sends Legacies throughout the body is actually a separate organ. This is highly likely, as seen in Hunt for the Garde, where Mogadorian procedure to extract Legacies from the Loric Garde is revealed not to be fatal as it is with Human Garde.