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"'Calakmul. Only the Garde may enter.'" -Malcolm Goode[1]

The Sanctuary is a deserted temple located in Calakmul, Campeche, Mexico. This Mayan temple is only accessible by the Garde. Humans can walk on its steps, but only true Loric can enter the chamber beneath. It was protected by an invisible energy field, that burned Mogadorians (except Adamus Sutekh).[2]


The Revenge of Seven[]

The temple was built by the Elders and the humans, with the chamber beneath being built to protect the Garde on Earth. It was also built so the Garde coming to Earth would be able to jumpstart Lorien using their Phoenix Stones inside the Loric Chests. The Garde, placing the Inheritances into Marina's Chest, took their Phoenix Stones to the Sanctuary and committed them to the Earth.[3]

Once these Stones are dropped into the well, the response is immediate. Light blares out from the well, like a supernova. A second later, there is a whooshing sound from below inside the well, like a tornado. There is a loud baritone thump that sends vibrations up the well. The rhythm gets faster and stronger. It sounds like a heartbeat meant to represent the rebirth of Lorien. The Loric Entity then possessed Eight's body so it could talk to the rest of the Garde. [3]

The Fate of Ten[]

The Sanctuary was destroyed by The Anubis, only leaving the well. Loric Energy was then harvested from the site.[4]


These are the prophecies that were mentioned by Number Six:[3]

  1. "Nine silhouettes looming over a planet that looks like Earth, with nine smaller silhouettes on the planet below them."
  2. "Nine silhouettes again, this time arranged in front of a castle, fending off against something that looks like a tidal wave or maybe a three-headed dragon."


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