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Loridas was the last remaining Elder on Lorien, after the invasion. An Aeternus, like Ella, he was able to maintain a certain age, which was how he survived the longest of all ten of the original Elders. He died back on Lorien, defending the Nine Garde Children as they left for Earth.


Ella describes him in Legacy's vision with a slender build, straight white hair and gentle eyes. He also "projects an aura of seniority."


Though Pittacus Lore was the leader of the Elders, Loridas seemed to take charge at times as the oldest and most experienced Elder. Loridas can make a gentle approach but is not afraid to do any task that needs to be done.

Known Legacies[]

  • Enhancement - All Garde possess enhanced physical strength, speed, senses, reflexes, and endurance.
  • Telekinesis - Like all Garde, Loridas could move objects with his mind,
  • Aeternus - The ability to revert back into any age the user has or would have lived. It is described as a different type of Legacy that the user is born with, much like Enhancement.
  • Charm Casting - The ability to perform enchantments with varying effects. Loridas and Setrákus Ra are the only two known to have this ability.

Book Biographies[]

He does not appear but is mentioned in The Power of Six by Crayton to Marina and Number Six about his history.

Loridas makes his first but very brief appearance in The Last Days Of Lorien. He is seen by Sandor, Nine's cêpan, and is revealed to be the one who put the charm on the Garde before they left Earth. He does not speak in this story, but provides a very important part that will help the Garde for dark future ahead of them.

He makes another appearance in Legacy's vision of Pittacus Lore and Setrakus Ra. After Zaniff and Banshevus died in an ambush on Mogadore, Loridas welcomed the two Garde as the new Pittacus Lore and Setrákus Ra. Then later, in the same chapter, we see Loridas again, tightening a razor-edged noose for Setrákus Ra to execute him with. Pittacus takes the role instead.


  • Crayton lied to Ella, claiming that when the Mogadorians invaded Lorien, Loridas sacrificed himself so that Ella could escape with his powers, and become Number Ten and escaped though on a second ship.
  • Loridas was not the tenth Elder—Setrákus Ra was.
  • While this was not yet confirmed, he may have been the Garde using the Legacy of Energy Blasts against the piken, as seen in Number One's memories.