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"Talk about a dump." -Sandor, The Last Days of Lorien

Mogadore is the home world of the Mogadorians. It is one of the eighteen life-sustaining planets in the universe.

Resource Depletion[]

One hundred years ago, Mogadore began to die. However, unlike the Loric and Humans, the resource decline was ignored.

The Mogadorians flooded their rivers with waste and sewage to keep adding to the overpopulated cities the species thrive in. It is possible that the Mogs killed all the life in their oceans for food, or maybe drained them for a long-lasting water source. Due to pollution and possibly various chemical warfares, the sky is dark and choked with debris. The vegetation died out, cutting off the herbivores' food sources, leading to the carnivores dying off.

Population & Culture[]

It is believed that the Mogadorian Empire has spread to many planets, and colonized different locations. Some of the creatures that John Smith and Sam Goode discovered in the West Virginia Base may have been organisms from other worlds other than Mogadore. However, if not, and these creatures were from Mogadore, they may have been very sickly from their planet's decaying ecosystem.

According to Henri, the Mogadorians have certain powers similar to Legacies. But it is currently unknown whether or not these abilities only apply to the Vatborn Mogadorians, or maybe the Trueborn who have evolved to cope with their world's suffocation. While this has not been confirmed, it is believed that the overall Trueborn population consists of ten million Mogadorians, hinted by Number One.

Early History & Government[]

Thousands of years ago, the Mogadorians appeared to be more primitive (culturally speaking) than the Loric. But because of Setrákus Ra, they appear to have increased their technology by millennia ahead of that of Humans and even the stagnating Loric. Despite being an apparently theocratic people, Mogadore appears to have similar government ranks as Earth, such as the title of General, Captain, and Commander.