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Nicolas Lambert is a Human Garde from Belgium currently enrolled at the HGA. He is a very minor chracter in Generation One.

Appearance & Character[]

Little in known about Nicolas, as he is not described enough to know his appearance or character.


Telekinesis - Nicolas, like all Garde and LANEs, can move and manipulate objects with his mind.

Fortem - Nicolas is extremely strong as a LANE, capable of lifting "Way more than 150 pounds" according to Taylor Cook. It is unknown if he is as strong as the enhanced Loric Garde but he is likely much weaker, as John Smith is able to lift at least a small truck and he is one of the weaker enhanced Garde. Number Nine was able to life up a 200 pound piece of a broken chair and chuck it at the FBI easily, so it can be assumed that Nicolas's strength is still inferior to Nine, who is considered the strongest Garde (in terms of physical strength).