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Number Two
Number 2 collection.jpg
Basic Information
Human Name Maggie Hoyle
Gender Female
Race Loric Garde
Age 12
Status Deceased
Cêpan Conrad Hoyle

"'Winston trusted Julia and look how that turned out.'" -Number Two, The Fallen Legacies

Number Two, also known as Maggie Hoyle (the last Earth name she was given by her Cepan, Conrad) was second in line of the Ten Garde children who escaped from Lorien during the Mogadorian attack. Maggie was murdered in England by the Mogadorians seven years after they arrived on Earth. Most likely out of desperation, she blogged in an attempt to find the others. Number Six responded to the blog, later causing Six's Cêpan's death and Six's capture because of the Mogadorians tracking the post.

Physical Appearance[]

Number Two is described as being a small 12-year-old girl with mousy features, red curly hair, and glasses.


Number Two was said to be a big reader, Adamus Sutekh having found a list of books that she wanted to read on her laptop as well a list of her favourite book characters. She was also interested in photography, as there were a lot of pictures on her laptop of the Irish countryside, Conrad, and her pet goat. It is emphasised by Adamus how different her and her Cêpan Conrad were, Conrad being a fighter by nature and skillful in taking down Mogadorians whereas Maggie was less cautious and seemed extremely nervous without her Cepan around.


  • Enhancement - All Garde possess enhanced physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and hearing.

Loric Chest[]

We have no knowledge of the contents inside Two's chest, nor do we know if it is in the Mogadorians' possession.

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Fallen Legacies[]

We find out that Number Two was a twelve year old female who had not yet developed any Legacies. She sent a blog post out saying "Nine, now eight. Are the rest of you out there?" when her Cepan, Conrad, didn't return from battling Mogadorians. Adamus Sutekh, a Mogadorian, went to help her before the others of his kind showed up, but he was afraid to do anything to help her when they arrived and she was killed by Adam's foster brother Ivanick Shu-Ra.