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"'She's always been one of the brightest among them.'" -Crayton, The Navigator

Olivia was a Chimæra from Lorien. She was with Ella since she came to Earth and was introduced in The Power of Six. She was the largest of the Chimærae that came to Earth. At the end of The Power of Six, she is killed by a pack of krauls while protecting Ella and Marina from harm. Her lifeless body is seen underwater, having died from the bite wounds that she had sustained.


Giant Blue Bird - Olivia was first introduced after their crash-landing in the Sahara Desert just a few kilometers from Cairo.

Giant Lake Beast - In The Power of Six, Olivia was seen fighting Mogadorians in a giant form resembling a plesiosaur with a flexible neck. She was later attacked by krauls and bled to death, sinking into the lake.