Location Edit

The Patience Creek facility is located 25 miles South of Detroit, the facility includes a bed and breakfast and a four floor top secret cold-war era government bunker that in United As One hadn't been used in 25 years

Description Edit

The bunker has 4 levels filled with many different rooms, it holds an officer sleeping quarters, a barracks for soldiers, a gym, a garage, laboratories, and holding cells including one that's entirely padded and held Number Five. The bunker was filled with a lot of outdated technology due to it not being used in a long time and had to be refurbished as it was being used. Patience Creek was chosen as the HQ for the Garde and military resistance base because nobody it was so old nobody had bothered to leak its location to the Mogadorians. Patience Creek was the garde's HQ for most of United as One, until it was attacked and possibly destroyed by the mogadorians.

Battle Edit

Phiri Dun-Ra a large mogadorian force, including several trueborn with augmentations attacked the base while John Smith and the other garde were stealing a mogadorian warship. John stops at Patience Creek and is ambushed by Phiri Dun-Ra wielding the Voron noose and temporarily captured, the noose left a permanent scar on John's neck and seriously injured him. LANEs Fleur, Bertrand, Nigel Barnaby,Caleb Crane, Daniela Morales, and Sam Goode were all present in the bunker at the time of the attack, and only the last four survived. Patience Creek was likely destroyed by the mogadorians after the Garde and humans were driven out.