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Pittacus Lore redirects here. The name Pittacus Lore means multiple things, but all of them are related to the Elder. Below are a list of pages you may have meant to go to:

  • Pittacus Lore (Original) - The original Pittacus Lore who, along with the nine other Elders, started Lorien.
  • Pittacus Lore (Title) - The title of Pittacus Lore grants whoever it is bestowed upon to be the next Pittacus Lore.
  • Zaniff or Banshevus - One of them took on the title Pittacus Lore, but it is unknown which one.
  • Pittacus Lore (Elder) - The most recent Pittacus Lore Elder on Lorien before the Mogadorian invasion.
  • Number Four (John Smith) - Number Four is highly believed to be the next Pittacus Lore, due to him possessing similar Legacies.