Rabiya Al-Nahyan is a Human Garde who is affiliated with the Foundation. She is the niece of Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the sheikh of Abu Dhabi.

Appearance & Character Edit

Rabiya commonly and traditionally wears a hijab and burqa, covering her curly raven hair. She is a few years older than Taylor Cook.

While it is clear she is loyal to the Foundation, it is unknown whether she believes entirely in what they say. Not unlike her partner Einar, Rabiya shows signs of distrust and budding rebellion toward the Foundation, but with work for them until she is old enough to make her own choices. However, she does not agree with their methods of "recruitment," displaying discomfort when Einar chips Vincent Iabruzzi.

Legacies Edit

  • Telekinesis- Like all Garde, Rabiya can manipulate objects with her mind.
  • Loralite Creation- Rabiya has a very unique Legacy in which she can conjure Loralite outcroppings by erecting the material via an energy in her hands.