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Ran Takeda is a Human Garde. She first appeared in Nigel Barnaby's rendezvous YouTube video with Fleur and Bertrand, at the Niagara Falls Loralite Stone. She is currently enrolled at the Human Garde Academy.


Ran grew up peacefully in Tokyo, until the invasion. She developed both her telekinesis and primary Legacy simultaneously, the only Human Garde known to achieve such a feat. However, when her apartment was bombed, she struggled to free herself and her brother, trapped under debris. Without proper training, Ran accidentally charged some of the debris, making it unstable and explosive, resulting in the death of her family.

United as One[]

After John Smith's call to arms, Ran uses a Loralite Outcropping, likely the one in Mount Zao, Japan, to teleport to America. On her journey, she allies with fellow Human Garde Nigel, Fleur, and Bertrand. They end up Niagara Falls, where Nigel posts a YouTube video alerting both the Loric and the Mogadorians of their presence. The Mogs attack, but Ran manages to use her Legacy of Kinetic Detonation to take down a Skimmer.

The Garde arrive, but Ran is wary of strangers. She even tries to throw another charged weapon, but Human Garde Daniela Morales manages to stop it before it does any damage. Number Six and Ella take the Garde back to the military bunker Patience Creek, Ella taking note of how Ran has been through loss. Number Nine attempts to train the four teenagers, aiming a gun at Ran to teach them how to disarm an enemy. Instead of tearing it away from him, she crumples the gun in Nine's hand.

Ran protects Nigel when the Mogadorians attack Patience Creek, led by Phiri Dun-Ra, a Mog that has been augmented to absorb Legacies. Phiri and her team of Augments massacre almost everyone in the base, and kills Fleur and Bertrand. Ran uses her Kinetic Detonation to destroy a squadron of human soldiers that are being controlled by an Augment. When they are saved by the Loric, the survivors are greatly shaken by the attack.

General Clarence Lawson, uncle of Human Garde Caleb Crane, transports the survivors to a remote island where they will be safe from the invasion for several months, protected by the United Nations and Daniela Morales. Before they left, Malcolm Goode allowed the survivors to adopt the Chimærae, whom are also meant to protect them. Ran adopts Gamera, Malcolm's turtle named after a Japanese monster movie, much to her amusement.


  • Telekinesis- Like all Garde, Ran can move objects with her mind.
  • Kinetic Detonation- Ran can render an object's molecules unstable by touch, and when released said object explodes with the concussive force of a grenade. The Legacy can also be used to resuscitate someone after cardiac arrest and heat things to the point of cooking.