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Rey, known as Albert in Canada, was the Cêpan of Number Five. He was the second eldest of all the Cêpan, who came to Earth. He passed as being Number Five's grandfather, while traveling across the planet. 


Rey was very old, with a white beard, "streaked with black, his wild hair almost silver." Five described Rey as being a little hunched over, and he had a cane to help him walk. While on their island, Rey wore "a blue linen shirt, khaki cargo pants, and sneakers that might have been white at some point."


Rey was once very kind and intelligent, and Five found it funny how he would dumb his personality around humans, "using words like 'whippersnapper' that he'd picked up from TV. No one questioned the kindly old man and his grandson." He would use stories of Lorien to get Five to do his chores. Rey was very resourceful and good with tools, even managing to overpower three Mogadorians with just an old shovel and a shotgun. Five thinks that "Rey flipped out" when finding out Number One was killed, "and he went into full-on survival mode."

Illness & Death[]

About two or three years after landing on Earth, Rey came down with a terrible sickness. He started gaining a cough, "along with the dark hallows under his eyes." Five and Rey were camping in the Appalachians when it first appeared. Because Rey mentioned disliking the cold, it may have been the cold weather on Earth, which was a drastic change from the globally warm climate on Lorien, that caused him to fall ill.

However, even after leaving the colder climates, Rey's sickness lingered, and eventually got worse. He always told Five he would feel better, which was a lie. The illness appeared to have made him bitter. Near the end of his life, Rey began to cough up blood. He refused to allow Five to find him a human doctor, worried it might expose the difference in anatomy.

Rey finally died a few days after the death of Number Two. He was lying facedown in the sand, when Five found him and brought him back to the shack. In the end, Rey apologized for failing to teach Five everything he needed to know in order to prevail, but said that he tried. He told Five to stay at the island, so he could be safe and the Mogs would not hunt him. Rey's last words to Five were, "Do whatever it takes to survive."