Simon is a Human Garde introduced in Generation One. He is one of the main greeters at the Human Garde Academy, his Legacy making him particularly useful in that regard.

Appearance & Character Edit

Simon is French, "hairy for a fourteen-year-old, with a tousled mane of dark brown curls atop his overlarge head." He has short legs. Simon is also very kind, as he is a greeter at the Academy, helping international Garde with orientation by giving them an object charged with his Legacy. He is extremely intelligent, "considering Simon is a hyperpolyglot."

Legacies Edit

  • Telekinesis - Like all Garde, Simon has the ability to move and manipulate objects with his mind.
  • Information Transference - Simon can charge objects with knowledge; whoever touches an object thus charged can then access that information as if it were stored in their own neurons.

Trivia Edit

  • Simon's Legacy allows for many international Garde (it has been stated that there are more foreign Garde than Americans) to speak English.
  • Simon has to recharge an object with his Legacy every week or so, and sometimes he will unintentionally implant a memory along with the knowledge, Isabela Silva claiming that her last charge "came loaded with a traumatic vision of young Simon wetting the bed."
  • Simon usually charges accessories—a watch, necklace, bracelet, etc.—and depending on the amount of information it usually takes several minutes to an hour to charge.