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Simon is a Human Garde, introduced in Generation One. He is one of the main greeters at the Human Garde Academy. His Legacy makes him particularly useful, in that regard, as he is able to translate from various languages.

Appearance & Character[]

Simon is French, "hairy for a fourteen-year-old, with a tousled mane of dark brown curls atop his overlarge head." He has short legs. Simon is also very kind, as he is a greeter at the Academy, helping international Garde with orientation by giving them an object charged with his Legacy. He is extremely intelligent, "considering Simon is a hyperpolyglot."


  • Telekinesis - Like all Garde, Simon has the ability to move and manipulate objects with his mind.
  • Information Transference - Simon can charge objects with knowledge; whoever touches an object thus charged can then access that information, as if it were stored in their own neurons.


  • Simon's Legacy allows for many international Garde (it has been stated that there are more foreign Garde than Americans) to speak English.
  • Simon has to recharge an object with his Legacy every week or so, and sometimes he will unintentionally implant a memory along with the knowledge, Isabela Silva claiming that her last charge came loaded with "a traumatic vision of young Simon wetting the bed."
  • Simon usually charges accessories—a watch, necklace, bracelet, etc.—and depending on the amount of information it usually takes several minutes to an hour to charge.