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The Fugitive Six is a group of six Human Garde, who attend the Academy. They are greatly known for their adventure beyond the HGA's facility, which led to the successful destruction of a Harvester gathering place and to the first Earth Garde confrontation with the Foundation.


The Fugitive Six started their journey when Isabela Silva persuaded her roommates Taylor Cook and Ran Takeda to sneak out of the Academy for a fun night in the city. They agreed as long as they were allowed to invite their friends Kopano Okeke and Nigel Barnaby. After catching Caleb Crane eavesdropping on them, Isabela declared that they had to bring him along as well. Isabela snuck them out through the forest by using an old log against the fence, and her Legacy of Morfen to shapeshift herself into an Earth Garde soldier to drive through the gate without problem.

On the road into the city, they discovered Rabiya disguised as a regular human, but were ambushed by a militia of Harvesters wielding anti-Garde technology. The Garde managed to fight back only to be confronted by Einar.


  • Caleb Crane
  • Ran Takeda
  • Nigel Barnaby
  • Isabela Silva
  • Taylor Cook
  • Kopano Okeke


  • Number Nine (Professor Nine)
  • Malcolm Goode
  • Number Four (John Smith)
  • Rabiya

Known Enemies[]

  • Einar
  • Duanphen
  • Number Five
  • Bea Barnaby