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Voron is an alien material native to Lorien. It is presumably extinct, but may be growing on Earth or Mogadore.


Voron grows as a tree. It is described as very rare, being "deep purple in color and glistening." According to Elder Loridas, "The wounds caused by Voron can not be healed by Legacies." This is seen from the permanent scars around the necks of Setrákus Ra and John Smith, two Garde who were almost killed by bladed nooses made from Voron.

Unlike Ra, John uses his Legacy of Lumen to melt down the noose that caused his scar and mold it into a dagger, proving the material to be malleable. The material can also be charged with energy-based Legacies, as seen when Pittacus Lore charged the noose with Dreynen, and John did the same with a dagger made from the same Legacy in an attempt to slay Setrákus Ra.