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Zophie was a Cêpan from the planet Lorien. She was one of three other Cêpans, that escaped the Mogadorian invasion on an antique ship, along with Lexa, Crayton, and Crayton's unofficial Garde Ella. Zophie was eventually killed by a Mogadorian beast after nearly two years on Earth, without ever learning her brother, Janus, had been killed by the Mogs.

Appearance & Character[]

Zophie had curly red hair and big green eyes. Like the others on the ship, she grew her hair out on the year-and-a half-long voyage to Earth, which she kept "tied back with a piece of cloth." However, she grew more stressed with finding her brother on Earth, Lexa noting that "with each day, the bags under her eyes grow larger."

Zophie was "the specialist in otherworldly cultures and affairs" and a kindhearted, caring sister. On the voyage to Earth, she began to lose faith in finding him, and on Earth there was the constant fear that he would never be found because "Earth is ten times bigger than Lorien, and it's so different." But she never lost faith, and eventually her desperation to find her brother is what got her killed.